A Proposed Primary Molar Ankylosis Foundation

For many decades the Pediatric Dental community has sought to ameliorate the “bone to bone” attachment of some primary teeth to the alveolar process. These teeth do not possess a normal attachment to the jaw bone and often do not exfoliate at the appropriate age. The creation of a Foundation to monetarily support research and development of treatment possibilities remains one of the most important steps to be taken in the remediation of this pathology.

What is ankylosis?

Who does it strike?

What are the downstream consequences?

Is there a congenital component?

What is the treatment? How delivered?

Research directions and support

Treatment support. Specialized centers for treatment., follow up

Establishment of a central processing body…a Foundation?

Obtaining monetary support

Extent of the oral pathology. Size of the problem?

Create a research center at a major university dental school?

Creation of a guiding panel of experts?

Obtaining seed dollars to begin organizational efforts.